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Alternatives to Root Canal Therapy

When it comes to having damaged teeth, saving your natural teeth, when viable, will always be the very best option. Keeping your natural teeth will help make it possible for you to eat a wide variety of foods that are necessary to maintain proper nutrition. When you have a damaged tooth, root canal therapy is the treatment of choice before extraction.


The only alternative to a root canal procedure is having the tooth extracted. Whenever your tooth is extracted, we fill the gap in your gums with a bridge, implant, or removable partial denture. This is done to help restore your mouth’s chewing function and also to prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. These alternatives not only are more expensive than a root canal procedure but require more treatment time and additional procedures to adjacent teeth and supporting tissues. This is why a root canal is the primary choice when faced with a damaged tooth that cannot be fixed with a simple filling.


Since some of the reasons that a tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed and infected are deep decay, repeated dental procedures on a tooth, and large fillings, following good oral hygiene practices (brushing twice a day, flossing and using an antiseptic mouthwash at least once a day, and scheduling regular dental visits) may reduce the need for a root canal procedure.     Additionally, trauma resulting from a sports-related injury can be reduced by wearing a mouth guard.


When Should A Tooth Be Extracted?

In certain, severe cases of decay and damage, our dentist will be unable to save a tooth, meaning it must be extracted. If you have a very large cavity that has eaten away at the structure of your tooth to the point it is too weak to repair, or if your tooth has been badly fractured, this is when we must extract it.


At Cosmetic Dental Texas, we will always start with an exam of your teeth to get the best understanding of their current condition before making a plan to fix your smile. We understand teeth are sensitive and work hard to preserve your existing teeth the best that we can.
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