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Bar-retained Dentures, Ball-retained Dentures in Houston, TX

What are implant supported dentures?
A regular denture sits on your gums, sometimes requiring a paste or adhesive cream, and tends to fit less securely. Implant supported denture Houston dentists attaches dentures to implant posts, which a skilled Houston Dentist will surgically insert into the jaw.

With implant supported denture, special attachments snap onto the implants to hold the denture in place. Although patients usually choose an implant-supported denture for the lower jaw since regular dentures tend have less stability in this location, you can wear implant supported dentures on either the upper or lower arch.

How do implant supported dentures work?
With implant supported dentures, patients can choose from bar-retained or ball-retained devices. In both cases, our award-winning Houston dentist will place porcelain or acrylic teeth to a gum-colored base. Bar-retained dentures need at least three implants, and ball-retained dentures need at least two posts.

• Bar-retained dentures
With bar-retained dentures, Dr. Ka-Ron Y. Wade uses a thin metal bar that follows the curve of the jaw and attaches it to the two to five posts in your jawbone. The dental appliance fits over the bar, and you will secure it with small clasps.

• Ball-retained dentures
For ball retained dentures, each implant post contains a metal topper that fits into the corresponding space on the denture. Often times, the attachments on the implants are ball-shaped, and they snap into sockets on the denture.

How do I care for my implant supported dentures?

Meticulously clean around the implants and attachments
• Remove the denture at least twice a day for cleaning
• Replace the clips or other attachments on the bar-retained denture as needed if they loosen.
Visit the dentist every three months for a cleaning and checkup during the first year

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