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When you decide to restore your smile with dental implants at Cosmetic Dental Texas, you’re choosing to replace more than just your missing tooth or teeth. The treatment actually involves replacing the root of a missing or seriously damaged tooth with a titanium fixture — the implant itself. With a houston dental implants dentist, after being surgically inserted into the jawbone, the implant is eventually used as a solid anchor for porcelain crowns or bridges, or even a full set of dentures.

Who Is Eligible for Implant Dentistry?

Houston Dental Implants Dentists, implant dentistry, utilize your own capacity to heal; that’s why Dr. Ka-Ron Wade patients are carefully screened to ensure they meet all the requirements for surgery. We review your medical and dental history and conduct a thorough examination of your entire mouth. Once you are determined to be eligible for dental implants at our Houston midtown location, Dr. Ka-Ron Wade and her team may need to create diagnostic records, which are used to develop the best strategy.

What steps are involved in getting an implant?

If you recently lost a tooth or have full or partial dentures, you might want to consider a dental implant from a Houston dental implants dentist. Generally, its a three part process:

1. An anchor – a titanium screw – is embedded in the jaw bone.
2. A post is inserted into the anchor to hold an artificial tooth.
3. The artificial tooth is attached to the post.

In some cases, the whole procedure may require no more than two or three sessions, depending on the clinical situation. Dr. Ka-Ron Wade can explain the whole procedure in detail and provide you with an estimate of time and costs.

Our houston dental implants team, Cosmetic Dental Texas, have many years of experience helping patients achieve their dental goals. Whether you need an evaluations of other types of cosmetic dentistry, Cosmetic Dental Texas can help!

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